New Products

October 2017  BJ Ball F40

Our new 40mm anodized aluminium BJ Ball F40 connector has 1/4″ thread for attaching to the tip of our Monopole Pointer .

Please check under Arms Accessories.

October 2017  Rigid Aluminium BJ Arm

Our new 20 cm anodized aluminium arm, BJ Arm 20N AL, with 2 ball joints and F 1/4″ thread.

Please check under Rigid Arms.

September 2017  Multi Colour Filter for Flashlight Snoot

Multi colour filter on rotary wheel for attaching to flashlight snoot with M9 thread.

Please check under Filters


September 2017  Snoot for Flashlights

Anodized aluminium snoot for LED flashlights.

Available for flashlights with bezel sizes: 34, 38, 39, 46, 49 and 56mm

Please check under Snoots


September 2017  Dome Diffusers for LED Flashlights

Dome Diffusers for converting the narrow hot beam from LED flashlight to a wide, soft and diffused light source for shooting videos and stills.

Available diameter sizes: 34, 38, 39 and 46 mm .

Please check under Diffusers.


September 2017  Finger Spool Reel with Kevlar Cord

Anodized aluminium finger spool reel with stainless steel snap hook.

Comes in assorted colours, sizes and Kevlar cord lengths.

Please check under Lanyard & Sports Accessories.

Filters for GoPro HERO5 Housing

Red, Yellow, Magenta, and Two in One (Magenta+Red) Filters for GoPro HERO5.

Please check under GoPro Housing Accessories.


Snoot with Centered Red Laser Pointer

Center Laser Snoot for Sea&Sea YS-D1/YS-D2

Built-in red laser pointer centered at the factory. Target aiming adjustments not necessary.

Available for the following popular flashes:

– Inon Z240

– Inon S2000

-Sea&Sea YS-D1/YS-D2

Please check under Snoots

Dome Diffusers




Available for the following popular flashes:

– Inon Z240

– Inon S2000

– Ikelite DS-125/DS-160/DS-161

-Sea&Sea YS-D1/YS-D2

Please check under Diffusers


Snoot for Sea & Sea YS-D1/YS-D2

Snott for YS-D1/D2 on New Product Page

Please check under Lights & Optics

Yellow Filters for GoPro 3, 3+ and 4 Housings

CompImage-Front Page Filter Yellow Gopro 3+-4

Please check under GoPro Housing Accessories


Yellow Filters – Various Sizes

CompImage-Front PageFilter Yellow D170ACompImage-Front Page Filter Yellow M52D

We have introduced five new yellow filters (170mm, 127mm, 67mm, 55mm, 52mm) and a yellow mask (for wearing over your dive mask)

Please check under Yellow Filters


Snoot with Adjustable Red Laser Pointer

CompImage-Snoot with Red Laser Pointer

Available for the following popular flashes:

– Inon Z240

– Inon S2000

– Sea&Sea YS-110

– Ultra Max

Please check in Snoots under Lights and Optics for more details

Buoyancy Float Tubes


Four Different Sizes

Buoyancy: +0.1kg, +0.14kg, +0.4kg, +0.56kg

Comes in Set of Two

Please check under Float Arms for more details


Float Arm YS

Float Arm YS

Float Arm YS






Float Arm with One YS Connector End and One Ball Joint End

Four Different Sizes

Buoyancy : +0.2kg, +0.4kg, +0.6kg, +0.8kg

Please check under Float Arms for more details